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Question: What is our product made out of?
Answer:  Most of our products are made of a high end resin material that has extra stone material added to it.  It is sometimes also called Polystone.  This material is highly durable and allows for exceptional detail.  It is cast ‘cold’ to eliminate shrinking and distortion in the final piece.  The “cold cast” body is then painted with several coats of durable ivory paint to give the soft finished look.  A special opalescent glitter is also applied to the wings of many of our designs.   Of course we have products made of other materials such as our key chains, coins, charms and others.  For specific product information, please contact us by email or call us at 800-264-3577.

Question:  Are our products weatherproof?
Answer: Most of our AngelStar resin products can be used outdoors, if desired.  As with any painted product placed in the sun, over time the paint will fade...  Unlike products made from Cement, AngelStar products do not have an indefinite lifetime outdoors but a 2 to 5 year lifespan is normal.  Depending on weather conditions paint can crack or chip over the years, but the resulting piece will have a weathered beauty all its own.  Some individuals have used additional paint sealants found at hardware or paint stores for additional protection of the painted finish.  If the piece holds strong sentimental or meaningful attachment, we recommend keeping the piece protected from weather conditions.

Question:  How are your products made?
Answer:  It usually starts with an idea.  From the idea, a sketch is made or a picture is taken to give our sculptors an idea of what to design.  The sculptor then creates a ‘clay body,’ which will be used to create the master mold.  Once any necessary changes have been made to the clay body, the master mold is cast, and multiple molds are cast off the master.  Each piece is then hand poured and all finish work such as paint and glitter are hand applied.  Before packaging, each piece is individually checked at least 3 times for quality.
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